About Boxing Africa

Boxing continues to thrive in Africa. The great continent holds unearthed talent in gyms all over, talent in need of a platform.

BoxingAfrica.com is that outlet.

BoxingAfrica.com connects boxing communities in Africa with those around the world. By utilizing our close affiliations in the boxing world, we provide readers with exclusive interviews, up-to-date news, features and event coverage.

No story is too great or too small. If it’s about boxing, you can find it on BoxingAfrica.com. We cover the sport worldwide, but our emphasis is on boxing in Africa. Our team includes members of the Boxing Writers Association of America, as well as British and African media members. All of them are in constant contact with promoters, publicists, boxers, and others in the boxing world to share a global view of the sport in a way that hasn’t been presented before

It’s been 1300 years since fisticuffs were first exchanged professionally. The community is still growing and finding ways to connect. Here at BoxingAfrica.com, we’re doing our part to bridge the gap.